Logbook loan

Loan Term

3 months – 36 months

Loan Amount

Kes. 70,000 – Kes. 2,000,000

About Logbook loans

This loan is secured by the value of your car. This loan can be used for any purpose and is ideal for people looking to expand their business or sort out their financial emergencies.

Other products available to existing logbook clients include

LBF Quick Cash

A one month overdraft facility based on the existing Logbook  loan amount

For Eligibility

LBF 24 months

A short term loan facility meant to assist clients purchase motor vehicles from local car yards

Loan Term : 36 months
Mininimum Amount : 70,0000 – 2,000,0000

For Eligibility

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Loan Amount

Kes. 70,000
Kes. 2,000,000

Number of Installments

3 Months
36 Months

Loan Installment Amount

/ month