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Civil Servant Loan

A facility specially developed to meet the financial needs of all civil servants, TSC Members and county employees.

Logbook Loan

This loan is secured by the value of your car. Ideal for people looking to expand their business or sort out on their financial emergencies.

Insurance Premium Finance

Clients get issued with a comprehensive cover with reputable insurance companies in the Kenyan market.

Import Duty Finance

A short term loan facility meant to clear port charges on behalf of importers of motor vehicles.

Personal Loan

This is a facility tailor-made to meet the financial needs of Bankers and employees of selected institutions.

SME Loans

Loans available to business people. This loan focuses on people with existing business looking to scale up their businesses.

Landlord Loans

A loan facility secured by rental income. Eligible properties can be either commercial or residential.


To be a respected world class microfinance organization driven by passionate and committed teams who deliver satisfaction to our customers.


Provide agile financial solutions to achieve financial freedom for all.

Our commitment to you is to be there when you need us. Whether it is taking care of your loved ones or accomplishing your life goals, we shall listen and offer suitable solutions. Our promise is to deliver cash in 24 HOURS.

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