We understand that at times circumstances arise, beyond your control, which may cause financial problems, leading to difficulty repaying your loan.

If you find yourself in this situation, please get in touch with us on 0709 900 000 as soon as possible so we can explore your options. Our dedicated team is always willing to help.

At Platinum we endeavour to ensure you don’t accidentally miss your log book loan repayment dates by calling you 7 days, 3 days and 1 day to the due date of the payment of the installment. If during any of these calls you think you may have difficulty making your repayment please let us know.

What to Expect if Payments are Late or Not Made

At Platinum Credit we aim to ensure that all our clients understand the loan declaration you sign and what will happen if these conditions are not met. Should you make a late payment or submit a cheque that bounces you will be subject to:

  • Bank charges
  • Late loan installment repayment charges
  • Collection fees

Throughout the process we will attempt to contact you regularly be text, email and phone. If you continue to experience problems making repayments please let one of our team know on 0709 900 9000 so we can ensure that you understand all of your options.

Repossession of a vehicle will only happen as a last resort if, after a further two weeks, the debt is not cleared or a plan has not been put in place with a member of our team to repay the loan.

If a vehicle does have to be sold for Platinum Credit to repay an outstanding loan the following deducted from the proceeds:

  • Outstanding loan amount
  • Commission of sale
  • Storage charges

Any remaining balance will be returned to the customer.

What we Recommend

  1. We ask that you do not ignore our reminders. Should you believe that you might have a problem making a repayment let us know as soon as possible. When we talk to you, we will: Be open and honest with you; Treat you as an individual, taking your circumstances into account; Try to find a solution; Make everything simple and straightforward; Tell you what you need to know, so you can make an informed decision; Let you know who else can help you.
  1. Ensure you are fully aware of the terms and conditions of your loan agreement while signing the contract. If you are not sure what something means please ask a member of the team.
  1. Reach out to us on 0709 900 000 to let us know if and when you have financial problems prior to the due date and we will be glad to rework the existing payment plan, within the scope of our terms and conditions.
  1. Respond to our calls, e-mails, letters and text messages.
  1. The call centre line 0709 900 000 is always available. Feel free to call for clarifications or questions.